Product Designer

UX Designer

UI Designer

Visual Designer

Web Designer

Brand Designer

Multidisciplinary Designer

Or just Designer

I like all these titles. In more than 10 years of my career I have worked for many kinds of companies and businesess such as enterprises, magazines, ad agencies, digital agencies, branding consultancies, tech companies and startups, like IBM and Futurebrand, always focused on digital user experiences.

What I like the most of being a designer is the ability to learn, change and adapt. Every job is an opportunity to grow.

I am passionate about design, art, technology, cycling and gaming (I’m a trophy hunter at my free time =P).


As a designer, I work in collaboration with agile multidisciplinary teams focused on delivering great experiences to our users. And that’s how I believe we better achieve our goals: as team players.


Overall, I’m a problem solver who empathetically addresses human needs through design and technology, so that people can achieve their goals with efficiency, safety and joy.


I also believe in learning by sharing. Engaging with the community either by lecturing, teaching, mentoring, writing or just getting along at some meetups. Feel free to visit my Medium where I write some articles (only pt-br for now).

Here some words from the people I’m very proud and lucky to have worked with.

You can find their and a few more other recommendations on my LinkedIn page.


You can probably find me online at one of these channels. Check out and say hello!

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